Udyam Registration Cancellation

Udyam Cancellation Form

Fill the form to get your Udyam Cancelled

1. Udyam Registration Number
2. Name of Entrepreneur/Applicant
3. Mobile No as mentioned in Udyam Registration
4. Email ID as mentioned in Udyam Registration
5. Reason for cancellation (Optional)

2. Name of Applicant : Fill name of Applicant as mentioned on the Aadhaar Card.
"आधार कार्ड में उल्लिखित आवेदक का नाम भरें।"
3. Mobile No : Fill the correct Mobile Number of Applicant as mentioned in Udyam Registration Certificate
"आवेदक का सही मोबाइल नंबर यहां लिखें। "
4. Mail ID : Fill the correct Mail ID of Applicant as mentioned in Udyam Registration Certificate
"यहां अपनी सही ईमेल आईडी का उल्लेख करें।"
5. Reason for Cancellation : Fill Reason for Cancellation or any other details.
"रद्द करने का कारण या कोई अन्य विवरण भरें।"

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Cancel Udyam Registration

At MSME | UDYAM Registration Online Consultancy, we offer comprehensive services to cancel Udyam Registration. If you need to cancel your Udyam Aadhar or Udyog Aadhar registration, we can seamlessly guide you through the process.

To cancel Udyam registration, you must provide your Udyam Registration Number, name, mobile number, and email ID as mentioned in your Udyam registration. Additionally, you'll need to specify the reason for cancellation.

Our services extend beyond cancellation. We also assist with new Udyam Registrations, retrieving forgotten Udyam numbers, and updating Udyam certificates. For expedited cancellation, our consultancy can complete the process in 5 to 7 working days, significantly faster than the standard government timeline.

For more details and assistance, call us at 7021672451.

You can cancel your Udyam Registration if you no longer meet the eligibility criteria for MSME classification or if you no longer wish to avail the benefits provided under the MSME Act.
Cancelling your Udyam Registration may affect your eligibility for certain benefits and schemes under the MSME Act. It's recommended to evaluate the implications before proceeding with cancellation.
Our dedicated team of experts is available to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding Udyam Registration cancellation. Feel free to contact us for personalized assistance and guidance.
Yes, you can re-register for Udyam Registration if you meet the eligibility criteria and wish to avail of the benefits provided under the MSME Act.
Yes you will require to Self attested Udyam Rgistration Certificate, PAN Card and Aadhar Card for Processing your Udyam Refistration Certificate
Cancelling Udyam Registration via the government portal typically takes around 2 to 3 months, depending on the state and processing times. Our consultancy service offers expedited cancellation, completing the process within just 5 to 7 working days, saving you time and effort.

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